Bonocle – Unlock The Digital World For the Visually Impaired


Unlock The Digital World For the Visually Impaired


Introducing Bonocle

The next-gen assistive technology device for the visually impaired. Unlike any other available solution, Bonocle provides the broad access to digital content that the visually impaired community has long awaited. Bonocle utilizes the medium of braille to allow the user unprecedented accessibility to the wide array of electronic devices while maintaining a user friendly and natural reading experience.


Unprecedented Access At The Tip Of Your Finger

Elegant Design

Bonocle is designed with your comfort in mind. With Bonocle you can expect an exquisite design that does not only look good, but feels good.

Utmost Portability

Bonocle is your long term companion, whether you’re on the bus, at work or at a restaurant with friends; Bonocle fits right into your pocket.

Extremely Affordable

Bonocle was made to fit your needs, priced conveniently to allow the entire visually impaired community to attain the wide access it provides.

Open Platform

Bonocle is made to work with the devices you like. Whether your an IOS enthusiast or an Android admirer, with Bonocle you can read books, browse the internet and interact on social media the way you prefer.



A Design Inspired By You, For You.

A design made from multiple iterations inspired by your feedback to meet and perfect your ergonomic needs. Bonocle was designed to take the shape of your hands providing long reading sessions without any discomfort. Whether your left handed or right handed, Bonocle was designed with the entire visually impaired community in mind.





Buttons to navigate with ease

With Bonocle, you can quickly navigate your documents with a few clicks. With the left and right button you can jump through paragraphs and pages to skim a document or arrive at the section you need. Came across a link, use the select button to easily access it. Leave your phone, tablet or laptop aside and focus on the reading.





Read Braille Your Way.

Bonocle uses one of the most responsive braille cells, one that allows you to read at your own pace. The positioning of the braille cell has been designed to allow your finger the comfort of moving over the cell in the direction you prefer.






A reversible charging cable for your convenience

Tired of the hassle of charging? Bonocle uses the modern USB-C connector giving you a reversible connection to charge your device while avoiding the trouble of carrying around multiple cables for all your devices.