Dolphin – EasyConverter Express – Convert Word Docs to Large Print, Braille, MP3 & ePub


EasyConverter Express

Convert Word docs to large print, braille, MP3 & ePub!

EasyConverter Express enables school districts, companies, non-profits and government agencies, to instantly provide accessible formats of the information that is critical to the core mission of their environment! Whether you’re the author of a document in MS Word or you’re the recipient of that document, you can quickly convert it into the four most widely embraced accessible formats with the click of a button—Braille, MP3, Large Print and ePub.

EasyConverter Express is a tool that facilitates Universal Design, it enables everyone within an organization to be part of creating compliant, shareable, accessible information.



Convert Directly From Word

Once installed, EasyConverter Express is part of the MS Word “Home” Toolbar! Simply click the Convert To button, select the format(s) you want and voila!





Create Braille

EasyConverter Express creates contracted and uncontracted braille for a range of language codes including UK and US English, Australian, French, German, Swedish and many more. Send your braille conversion directly to your embosser to print hard copy braille. Select from a range of paper sizes, so your dots always fit your page. Share the braille file (.brl) with individuals that prefer digital braille via their portable braille display. 




Create large print

  • Select a new font or keep your document’s original font
  • Pick your reader’s preferred font size
  • Send your large print copy directly to your printer or save for future use





Create MP3s

  • Convert your Word documents into speech
  • Choose from a range of human sounding synthetic voices
  • Save your MP3 to your PC, network or the cloud to share





Create text-only ePub format

  • Automatically builds in full document structure
  • Share with files to play on a DAISY player or on a phone with the FREE EasyReader app




EasyConverter Express Benefits

Communicate with the widest audience

No matter the type of organization you’re part of, providing instructional materials and communications in a range of alternate formats ensures you are reaching the broadest possible audience.

People with:

  • low vision or blindness
  • dyslexia or specific learning difficulties
  • visual processing problems
  • cognitive differences
  • poor reading speed
  • low literacy
  • native language barriers
  • limited physical abilities

Section 504 and 508 Compliance

EasyConverter Express empowers your organization to create accessible information in-house, enabling you to fully comply with disability and equality legislation. Investing in EasyConverter Express is low-cost, requires little training and no expertise.


Promotes 21st Century Ideals and Inclusion

There are so many mobile apps, digital readers, assistive technology tools and accommodations available in this digital age that having materials and communications in all formats just makes good sense. EasyConverter simplifies and expedites the delivery of these formats and assists you in being able to include everyone, anywhere, all of the time. It is Universal Design at its best!



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