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How Teachers Are Using The eGlassLightboard



eGlass is an illuminated transparent writing glass with a built-in camera, that captures your face and writing in the same picture, boosting student engagement to unprecedented levels. Imagine never turning your back to write again. Imagine a tool that will help you close the gap. That’s eGlass.





How it works

  • Integrated camera captures writing and teacher’s face
  • The image is ‘flipped’ so writing reads left-to-right
  • Connects to computer via USB cable
  • LED lighting is injected into glass
  • Live video is displayed on projector or flat panel
  • Any existing lesson plans, any format can be brought on eGlass and written on



Designed For The Classroom

Eglass Writing





Write on eGlass normally. ChromaClear technology gives ink a vivid glow.








Eglass Camera






Built-in camera captures the instructor’s writing and face, and flips the image so students see it correctly.








Eglass Laptop






Plug into laptop to display image and add digital content.









Eglass Classroom Display




Plug into screen or projector to display in-class.


















Drive Student Engagement

With the eGlass lightboard, every student feels a one-to-one connection with you. Your gaze, gestures and body language amplify important written points. Your back is never turned to write.






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Read The Room

Watch your students as they react to your writing and gestures. Pick up subtle cues that they’re engaged, or need help with what you’re teaching. Help them rapidly close their gaps in learning.












Close The Gap

Pandemic disruption has created a knowledge gap far worse than the typical ‘summer slide’. Even more challenging, different students have different gaps. eGlass opens the door to recorded and live differentiated instruction that helps students rapidly close the gap.








Pull Any Media, Any Lesson Plan, Onscreen… And Interact!





Vivid And Versatile

eGlass works brilliantly in light or dark settings. You can even darken your background using the control panel, and make your writing glow with built-in ChromaClear technology.





It’s As Easy As, Well, Writing!

There’s no learning curve. You simply write on eGlass the way you’d write on a whiteboard.










What About Reflections?

With the PolarVisor antireflection hood, glare and reflection from bright lights and windows disappear on your screen.





Perfect For Hybrid Classrooms

eGlass is fully compatible with all video conferencing platforms. And with virtual camera capabilities, full integration is truly built-in.








Ridiculously Rugged: They Guarantee It.

5 year, no-questions-asked warranty.

eGlass is a tool built for the rough and tumble reality of schools. And we stand behind eGlass with a 5 year warranty. No questions asked.



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