SignGlasses – Improving Learning for Deaf Students


Improving Learning in the Classroom

SignGlasses patented technology enables students to receive live sign language interpreting and captioning service overlaid on top of the classroom environment through smart glasses and other mobile devices.




SignGlasses offers you an entire software suite that works seamlessly with the glasses and other devices. Students can re-watch every lecture with the interpreting or captioning overlayed, take their own timestamped notes, and bookmark important parts of the lecture.







For the first time deaf students will be able to review lectures and classes after the fact. All classes using their system are recorded, and can be played back with sign language interpreting or captioning. With a single click Deaf students can bookmark parts of the lecture to review later.

Recorded Lectures

This feature is a huge deal for Deaf students who have always had to rely on someone else’s notes to review material.

Bookmark Lectures

With a click of a button Deaf students can bookmark a portion of a lecture for them to easily review later.

Searchable Notes

All notes are easily searchable afterwards, and timestamped so they take you to the exact part of the lecture.



No complicated equipment

There is no complex setup or equipment needed for classrooms to support SignGlasses. All that it requires is an internet connection, the student’s laptop, and clip-on mic for the professor.






Directors & Administrators

SignGlasses has tools for you to easily manage all of the logistics associated with providing sign language interpreting and captioning services.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Students

SignGlasses gives students additional tools to achieve better educational outcomes by expanding the possibilities around live interpreting and captioning services.

Interpreters and Captioners

SignGlasses is expanding and enhancing remote opportunities for sign language interpreters and realtime captioners.

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