Standz: Abduction Stander by Jenx – Always Supportive


Standz – Abduction Standing System

Inspired by the clinical benefits of abducted standing we have worked closely with therapists from all over the world to ensure the perfect combination of clinical positioning with simplicity of use. They are delighted to bring you Standz – their most versatile standing frame yet!

Standz offers Prone or Supine standing and easily accommodates either abducted or neutral leg positioning for children between the ages of 1-9. Leg length discrepancy is easily accommodated by the individual control for knee and foot positioning and all adjustments are tool free to enable quick and effective clinical postural adjustments. An extensive reange of accessories ensures that Standz can accommodate children with a wide range of postural requirements.


  • Tool Free Adjustments
    • No more hunting for the right sized allen key, cleverly designed wing knobs offer a comfortable grip to enable effective clamping with minimal effort – meaning growth adjustments have never been easier.
  • Angle Gauges
    • Built in angle gauges for frame angle and individual leg abduction – easy to read gauges enable precise positioning and allow for the correct position to be repeatedly achieved.
  • Individual Leg Adjustment
    • Adjustment for both knee and footplate height – Ideal for accommodating leg length discrepancy. This tool free adjustment can be made in seconds and securely clamps into place using our clever clamping marquee design.
  • Individual Leg Abduction
    • Standz offers the ability to independently adjust either leg from 0 – 30 degrees of abduction depending on the child’s clinical needs. Simply adjusted through a wing knob clamp, this action is quick and simple to adjust for each standing session.
  • Antimicrobial Covers
    • As standing aids the digestive system and gravity can take it’s course, our covers have been designed to wipe clean, they also contain an antimicrobial agent to aid infection control.
  • Tray Holder
    • A clever accessory offers convenient storage when the tray is not in use.
  • Safety Lock
    • Built in safety lock for frame angle adjustment – Ideal for those busy environments where there is potential for accidental activation of an unlocked mechanism.

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