The Future is Here: Interactive Education & Therapy with Robots



The Future is Here: Interactive Education & Therapy with Robots

They build collaborative robots and instructional programs.

They empower diverse learners of all ages to realize their growth potential.


Hello, I’m Milo.

It’s nice to meet you! As RoboKind’s leader in their work to support social and emotional learning for people with Autism Spectrum differences, I work with educators and therapists around the world to improve outcomes. I excel in individual and small group environments that help learners show observable increases in engagement: eye contact, body language and social interactions. In my free time, I like to travel to conferences, meet with lawmakers on Capitol Hill, and host dance parties.

Hi, my name is Jett.

I love helping students learn to code! As the leader of RoboKind’s science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) initiatives and the world’s first dark skin humanoid robot, I work with educators and developers around the world to help meet computer science learning standards that prepare the next generation of scientists. In my free time, I like to present at museums, go to Youth Code Jams, attend career days, and, when I grow up, travel to Mars!

Hello I’m Robon.

Hi there! As the first robot teaching assistant, I help teachers learn to code with a purpose, leading RoboKind’s efforts in empowering teachers and learners to code across the curriculum. I love greeting students at the door, introducing lessons, explaining new concepts, and leading small group and peer-to-peer learning. Did you know I am the first facially-expressive, female humanoid robot in the world? In my free time, I love joining after school Girl Scouts and Girls Who Code groups, helping researchers, and creating short films.


As an educator, you understand that amazing feeling when a student succeeds. They feel it everyday when an Autistic student generalizes a skill or when a STEM student writes their first program.

With the help of educators like you, we believe that inclusive technology can empower students of all capabilities to succeed.




Your Partner in Education

Whether implemented for large districts or individual students in assistive therapy models, partnering with state governments like South Carolina or enhancing sensory room experiences, their instructional models are structured to improve the outcomes of your students and patrons.

They are often asked how many robots a school or partner should purchase. The answer is always the same: it depends on the size and density of your population and, most importantly, the outcomes you are striving to achieve. Their goal is to be as flexible as they can because, when the bell or buzzer rings, they judge themselves by the daily impact they make.




Blended Learning

For schools and districts that are combining virtual and in-person learning, our blended learning model combines virtual (synchronous and asynchronous), video-based learning with live, in-person interaction. Students can safely engage with video content and lessons virtually, while their robots enhance in-classroom experiences within social distancing protocols.

Live Virtual Learning

Whether using a RoboKind robot with the robots4autism or the robots4STEM curriculum in virtual and video conference based learning, teachers, therapists, tutors, coaches, and other facilitators can incorporate their lessons and technology into the virtual classroom. Included in this model is a short, RoboKind robot-led Zoom recording that provides students with some basic digital citizenship skills.

Self-paced Remote Learning

Designed for schools and health organizations that have fully shifted to remote learning, recorded videos o