Widgit Online – Create, print, share and translate symbol materials online


Widgit Online

Create, print, share and translate symbol materials online

Create visual, communication and learning supports in your web browser using over 18,000 Widgit Symbols and 100’s of easy-to-use templates. No installation or updating required!

Create simple cloud-based symbol materials

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Simple Ready-to-Use Templates

Quickly create symbol materials and visual supports from 100’s of easy to use project templates.

Cloud Based Flexibility

Create and open your symbol materials from any PC or Mac with an internet connection. No installation needed.

Dual Language Add-On

Translate your materials into more than 80 languages. Perfect for creating EAL and MFL support materials.

What can you make with Widgit Online?

You can use Widgit Online to create both print and interactive materials from a range of easy-to-use templates or from scratch using our intuitive document writer. Here are some popular visuals created by the Widgit community using Widgit Online:


Vocabulary flashcards and sheets are fantastic for supporting independen writing and topic work.

Symbol Documents

Create symbol supported stories, model texts, instructions and information sheets in the document writer.

Colourful Semantics

Devleop grammar and sentence construction skills with colourful semantics worksheets.

Mind Maps

Develop higher-level thinking and improve students reading comprehension using mind maps.

Now and Next Boards

‘Now and Next’ or ‘First and Then’ boards can be used as effective behavioral management aids.

Social Stories

Quickly create individualised social stories to provide guidance and directions for students in various types of social situations.

Visual Timetables

Support structure, routine and reduce anxiety with visual timetables detailing a sequence of activities.