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What’s New?

  • New and improved eye tracker
  • Powerful on-chip processing
  • Increased eye tracking accuracy
  • Larger head box / FoV (~58% increase)
  • Up to 60 FPS tracking speed
  • New App with gaze interaction
  • Now includes 1, 2, 5 and 9 point calibration
  • New protective case for portability and quick assembly
  • iOS 15 support



2 Skyle 2 For Ipad Pro Designed For All

Designed for All

Learners of ALL abilities can utilise the power of the iPad Pro using only their eyes with Skyle 2.

It is even ideal for learners with severe and complex needs and learning difficulties to play, learn and participate in classroom activities. Access popular online activities such as HelpKidzLearn Games and choice making activities with ChooseIt Readymades and ChooseIt Maker.


Skyle 2 for iPad Pro is compatible with the 3rd, 4th and 5th generation 12.9” iPad Pro.

3 Skyle 2 For Ipad Pro Easy Setup

Easy Setup

Insert the iPad Pro into the new protective case and plug in the eye tracker, download the Skyle 2 App and you’re ready to realise the full potential of the iPad Pro with eye-control.

Power Supply

Powered directly from the iPad Pro, the Skyle 2 eye tracker requires no additional power supply or battery and is ready for immediate use. You can even charge the iPad Pro at the same time.


4 Skyle 2 For Ipad Pro Switch Access

Switch Access

Using the built-in port, a switch can be used in combination with the Skyle 2 eye tracker to interact and gesture on the iPad Pro.

Switch interactions include:

  • Press
  • Double Press
  • Press and Hold

Interactions can be configured in the Skyle 2 App to perform gestures such as:

  • Click
  • Pause
  • Scrolling
  • Start Calibration
  • None


5 Skyle 2 For Ipad Pro PositioningPositioning and Mounting

Their  Skyle 2 for iPad Pro lightweight protective case includes a 75×75 VESA hole pattern. When purchased with a VESA to REHAdapt 75×75 Mounting Plate it can be mounted on REHAdapt UDS table and floor stands or mounting arms.

Alternatively you can mount Skyle 2 for iPad Pro onto a desk or wheelchair using the robust and adaptable Inclusive Triple Mounting Solution. Or for a simple and portable desk mounting solution use the Skyle Table Stand.





Alternative Skyle for iPad options


Skyle Stand1

Table-Top Stand for Skyle

Perfect for table-top Skyle Mounting. A freestanding mount that fits most screens 13” to 32” in size and up to 22 lbs in weight with VESA 75x75mm or 100x100mm mounting holes. Includes cable management to keep cords clean and organized.





Double Arm Clamp


Clamp Mount for Skyle for iPad

If the user does not have upright posture this system provides a clamp system for either table edge or wheelchair metal tubing. The arm choice depends on the range of extension required from the clamp point.






Ecolock Floor Stand

Floor Stand Mount for Skyle for iPad

An excellent mounting option providing a very wide range of adjustability for users in many different seating/lying scenarios.








Skyle 2 App


6 Skyle 2 For Ipad Pro App PositioningPositioning:

Position yourself using the guide; ensure you are relaxed and comfortable and the tracker can easily detect your eyes.

A flexible or portable mounting system might be required to position the screen at the right angle and height.



7 Skyle 2 For Ipad Pro App Calibration


Choose from 1, 2, 5 or 9 calibration points to look at on screen. The more points you look at, the more calibration data Skyle 2 has, resulting in more accurate eye tracking. Indicators will display on completion to show calibration quality.

Points of calibration can also be adjusted in size and style to increase engagement and success.



8 Skyle 2 For Ipad Pro App SettingsSettings and Tutorials:

The free Skyle 2 iPad App includes tutorials, useful advice and training to ensure you experience the full benefit of Skyle 2 for iPad Pro.

13 Skyle For Ipad Pro




10 Skyle 2 For Ipad Pro Independent AccessIndependent Access

Skyle 2 is the most flexible device for individuals with physical disabilities who require independent access to millions of Apps through eye control, touch and switch or pointer device access, including:

  • Social Media via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn…
  • Email using Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Mail by Apple…
  • Messaging in WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack, MS Teams…
  • Video Call using FaceTime, Zoom, Skype…

The possibilities are endless with millions of iOS Apps to choose from.


11 Skyle 2 For Ipad Pro Communication AacCommunication / AAC

Skyle 2 for iPad Pro is ideal for individuals with conditions such as cerebral palsy, ALS, Rett syndrome or spinal cord injury to communicate using AAC Apps such as Proloquo2Go, GoTalk NOW, TouchChat, Compass Connect & Predictable.

  • 12.9” anti-reflective coating with LED-backlit multi-touch display.
  • The full power of iPad Pro’s coprocessor for fast communication.
  • High quality four speaker audio.
  • Protective case with built-in mounting plate for easy mounting and positioning.


12 Skyle 2 For Ipad Pro Environmental Control

Environmental Control

Skyle 2 enables you to control appliances in your home or school, whether they are infra-red (IR) such as TVs and music systems or mains-controlled lamps, fans, kitchen appliances or door and window openers.

Simply download an environmental control App like EnvirON

To learn more about the EnvirOn App and Range click here >>> Pretorian EnvirOn Range.



13 Skyle 2 For Ipad Pro Whats IncludedWhat’s Included

  1. Skyle 2 eye tracker for iPad Pro.
  2. Protective case with VESA mounting interface.
  3. iPad App for positioning, calibration, switch gesture, training and tutorials.

Please note:

  • iPad Pro 12.9″ and mount systems displayed are not included.
  • Skyle 2 for iPad Pro has 60 days returns policy.



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