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Communicate and interact with the world around you in a whole new way!



Speakprose Prewdictive keyboard






Predictive Keyboard – Choose from Intuitive Options

Have a lot to say? With Speakprose 3 you can use the predictive keyboard which comes in three intuitive options:

Alphabetical: Keys are arranged alphabetically from A to Z
Qwerty: Keys are arranged like a typical keyboard
Linotype: Keys are grouped by how frequently they are used












Alexa Enabled – Control the World Around You

Speakprose now comes with Alexa inside. This means you can ask Alexa anything from anywhere in realtime. Connect with Alexa for endless information and control of your home’s smart enabled devices. Buy groceries, order new gadgets, and send gift cards to loved ones using your Amazon account.









universal access




Universal Access – I can access AAC via touch or hands-free with gaze & facial tracking






Personalized control




Access Realtime Information – Ask Alexa anything from Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace





access realtime information




Personalized Control – I can customize my Speakprose to fit my unique needs








SpeakProse intuitive interface






Intuitive Interface – Quickly Communicate Your Thoughts

Speakprose offers users a thoughtfully designed, patent pending, interface that assembles sentences naturally, enabling more opportunities to engage others in dynamic conversation. As you are thinking about things to say you can choose whether you want to say it out loud, send it to Alexa or save it for later.







Speakprose Save time





Save Time – Access Favorite Phrases Quickly

Save your communication on the fly for use, both speech and Alexa commands. Have phrases you use often? Speakprose now comes with unlimited favorites! Yes you read that right, unlimited favorites. Save anything from a simple quick phrase to a script for a TED talk. Want to see favorites in action? Make sure to check out our TEDx with Tim Jin where he uses the Favorites feature during his talk.












a woman in wheelchair using speakprose

Universal Accessibility

  • Tap to speak
  • Switch control
  • Guided access
  • Hands Free/gaze to speak
  • Accessible facial and gaze recognition
  • Move the pointer with your face & gaze
  • Personalize all face and gaze tracking settings
  • Look up any word, edit tiles and expand vocabulary
  • Type with a patent-pending face & gaze tracking keyboard
  • Tracking feedback from their patent-pending “Googly-Eyes”

Personalized Control

  • Custom phrase(s)
  • Predictive text support
  • Combine words and emojis!
  • Assemble your own sentences
  • Select your own custom pointer
  • Administrative control over features
  • Choose your favorite selection method
  • Create a custom voice that reflects yours
  • Three predictive keyboards to choose from
  • See it. Select it. Say it. Send it. Save it.

Access Realtime Information

  • Engage in conversation
  • Connect to endless realtime information
  • Ask Alexa anything from anywhere, anytime
  • Take control of your home’s smart enabled devices
  • Buy groceries order new gadgets and send gift cards


  • In-app live chat and email support
  • Early access to new features and capabilities
  • Helpful email tips from educational and clinical professionals


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