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The all new Tek Robotic Mobilization Device is not a wheelchair alternative, but a brand new mobility platform that completely reimagines the way individuals with walking disabilities are able to move in the world. The ability to independently and safely sit, stand, and navigate environments that were once inaccessible, is now possible, safe, and available in many places around the world. The all new Tek RMD® comes in an indoor and outdoor model, with an optional motorized electric lift and foldable seat. Tek RMD is a patented, CE Marked, and FDA 510(k) cleared technology.

The Tek RMD’s small footprint allows users to go places and reach items otherwise unavailable in a standard wheelchair whether at home or at work. By minimizing the renovation required for living spaces the Tek RMD often decreases overall costs to living with a walking disability.



Standard Tek RMD Model

Man on a TEK model



Boarding from the back

The Tek RMD can be maneuvered easily by the user and the user can board the device securely from its back. Mounting and dismounting the device can be done successfully in a much safer way since the user is doing so while in a seated position.



Screen Shot 2022 07 22 At 10.33.59 Am


Joystick + Remote Control

Tek RMD’s Remote Control allows the user to be free from the device. The user can sit on the couch, office chair, or lay to the bed, send the Tek RMD away, and bring it back with the remote control when needed.




Screen Shot 2022 07 22 At 10.34.19 Am


Assisted Living

It is very easy and quick to stand up and sit down with Tek RMD. The suspension system containing gas spring mechanism balances the weight of the user so that standing up requires a gentle pull.





Introducing the Electric Lift

The all new Tek RMD® now has an optional Electric Stander to make moving from a sitting to standing position easier.

The electric lift supports 100% of the users weight and is operated by two hand controlled levers. One lever lifts the user and the other levers the user. This creates an even more independent experience for the user.


Introducing the Outdoor Kit

Screen Shot 2022 07 22 At 10.39.14 Am


The all new Tek RMD® now comes with an optional outdoor conversion kit. Easily switch between indoor and outdoor modes for maximum mobility.

Go where you never thought possible with the new Outdoor Kit. Bigger tires and more ground clearance means you can go further and farther with more freedom and independence.




The Health Benefits of Standing

Our bodies are meant to stand. Standing at least five times a week improves bone density1, circulation, bladder and bowel function, and alleviate pressure points.  Standing also improves your self esteem and physiological well being4 as well as reduces mortality.

Existing standing frames can be large and limit a user’s ability to navigate indoor environments, often require caregiver assistance, and rarely allow for convenient navigation. The Tek RMD® holds the user in an upright position while leaving their hands and arms free. This allows more freedom and independence to perform daily tasks, while improving health and overall well-being.


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